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Shake Shack Quietly Replaces All Cashiers With Cashless Kiosks In NYC Location

Your jobless future is quickly approaching as Shake Shack starts replacing cashiers with cashless kiosks according to this Business Insider report.

In late 2017, Shake Shack set out to go cashless, opening its first kiosk-only location in New York City.

Though the intention was to transition to a more seamless operation and become more digitally inclined, the plan backfired — by May 2018, the chain had already abandoned its plans to go cashless.

On an earnings call in May, CEO Randy Garutti said, “Some of the things we’ve clearly seen is that our guests do often want to pay with cash.”

He continued: “In the first rollout at Astor Place, we did not accept cash at all, and there are people who have told us very clearly, ‘We want to pay with cash.'”

One Yelp user wrote in a review of the Astor Place location, “The new kiosk ordering system is the worst. It makes this Shake Shack ‘card only’ and you can barely customize your food the way you can when you order with an actual human being. The kiosks are also supposed to make things go quicker, but the wait is even longer than at a Shake Shack where you can order with an actual person.”

Though the plans to go cashless were abandoned, the fast-casual chain still plans on adding kiosks in its newest locations, though those kiosks will be in conjunction with cashiers who accept cash. Shake Shack said in its May earnings call that it planned to open four or five new locations with kiosks by the end of the second quarter.

Shake Shack isn’t the only fast-food chain with plans to automate some of its operations. McDonald’s recently announced that it plans to add ordering kiosks to 1,000 of its stores every quarter for the next two years, and Panera has committed to digitizing its ordering process.