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Wendy’s replacing workers with machines because of rising wage cost

One of the biggest burger chains in the world has announced plans to replace workers with machines to combat the rising cost of minimum wages.

Wendy’s, which operates more than 6,500 restaurants in the US and in 29 other countries worldwide, has said it will install self-service ordering kiosks at most┬árestaurants because of spiralling costs.

It plans to replace employees who once took orders with self-service kiosks and to cut down on employee hours further by introducing mobile ordering and payment apps.

Todd Penegor, president of Wendy’s, told Investor’s Business Daily that the move is in response to wage increases of five or six per cent at the 10 per cent of Wendy’s outlets operated by the company. He also noted increased competition between companies for a smaller pool of workers, driving up the cost of hiring.